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the dilemma over shaky defensemen, the Hawks had reason to feel encouraged. Only the sky is falling crowd will declare Game 1 a disaster. The breakdowns were isolated in a game in which the Hawks often controlled the puck and pace. Kane managed only one shot Andersen dived to make a brilliant stop and the Hawks offensive stars encountered an underrated Ducks defense that also deserves a nod. "We didn’t get to the net as much as we’d like need more bodies and traffic,” Quenneville said. The Hawks must find ways to make Andersen feel more like he’s sitting on the I 5 freeway at rush hour. Memo to the Hawks about their momentum killing power play, on which they were 0
NFL jerseys for 3: the object is to shoot and score, not just make pretty passes. The only goal the Ducks gave up came because of an outstanding individual effort by Brad Richards, who stole the puck from Francois Beauchemin and scored past Andersen with 39.6 seconds left in the second. At times, Teuvo Teravainen was the best player on the ice for the
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