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Current Cygwin version is not supported by Clion, how to install an earlier version of it?

I am trying to get my Clion 1.1.1 to work with Cygwin. I've installed Cygwin using its setup-x86_64.exe installer. but when I set Cygwin path in Clion's toolchains dialog, it says:

Environment: Cygwin; current version is 2.2.1; supported version range is 1.7.32-2.0.x

On the Cygwin website there is a snapshots page, in which packages are sorted by date (not version) and in faq page it says:

If you are looking for the version number for the whole Cygwin release, there is none. Each package in the Cygwin release has its own version.

So, if there is no version number for whole Cygwin release, what is Clion complaining about?

and if there is, how can I install an earlier version?