Hey, I Am Meta — Pregnant, Where Do I File for Child Support?

Please Be All Ears

Mark Zuckerberg showing his ‘metaverse’ avatar during Connect 2021.Facebook

First of all, I am here for technology, I am not some old grandma who hates everything around and just lives in the good old age of lemon tea, outdoors and sunshine.

But, Just imagine if a rude fat comment on your Instagram picture by some random stranger can ruin your day and self-esteem, how will first-hand abuse affect you?

Yes, Gang Raped and traumatised, groped and teased, sexually assaulted, mobbed, beaten and racially abused — This is the reality of Metaverse.

Is Metaverse just some dirty digital downtown where laws, humanity and authority die a quick death?

My parents saw the dot com bubble rise and burst yet they can’t use Facebook properly.

The only cyber advice I ever got was don’t do it or stay away.

But has it ever helped or was it enough?

I still made a bunch of mistakes and no one was there to guide me or help me when they came back to haunt me.

Today it’s the world of Web 3. O yet the kids are naively clicking and sending nudes and these innocent idiots think pressing the delete button actually means deleted forever. Because no one told them better so will.

It’s the ruthless world of web, where nothing is private, nothing is safe and deleted means nothing.

If there is someone out there who wants something badly enough and has time and resources, he will find what he needs. Period

And Don’t even argue that kids are already a part of the meta world with advanced gaming because if you say so you have no idea what Metaverse is capable off.

( PS — I anyways think it’s dumb buying Internet land. Why why on the earth will I buy Internet land it’s as lame as buying plots on the moon and naming starts after your loved one. I shall name f***ing galaxies after you and will print paper to prove that. Now, PayPal me $10 bucks.)

We people were not even close to making the Internet world a safe place. Where national and international governments and organisations have little surveillance over digital crimes and terror activities.

We as women had no safeguard from dick pictures bombing our dm and now this. After all, what’s the difference between someone flashing at me in public and asking for sexual favours on the street Vs the Internet.

Our decades-old Internet is filled with sadistic videos where dogs are cooked alive and young girls are forced to have intercourse and faces of young girls are burned with acid and humans are having sex with animals and the list goes on……

My question is Do these people deserve to be in the Metaverse or should We become comfortable with abuse and crime?

Just imagine your kid playing in a Meta park and he gets to witness bestiality or cannibalism or sexual abuse.
How will a kid deal with such trauma?

The answer is either he will become depressed or disturbed enough to immerse themselves in similar insanity.

How are parents supposed to monitor or deal with all this ? — family gaps will become voids and our collective future will be blind and dark with no ethical intelligence.

Now answer the following —

Have the authorities cracked on the dark web?

Have countries stopped the simple spam mails from Nigeria?

Have they stopped digital thefts?

The answer is…… none

These incidents make me want to think if Meta is just another place for criminals and perverts to express themselves openly with no accountability for their actions?

Justice was never served to who’s nudes were leaked, sex tapes were published, and private chats were made public.

We are not even half familiar with the existing tech and another much more advanced and dangerous one is already being shoved down our throats.

Why does technology comes first and laws come later? And sometimes they just miss the train altogether.

Will This vicious circle of vulnerability ever end? And how can an average human being keep up with so much happening around?

Most decent first-world people still have little to no knowledge of how money works or how stocks sink.

And yes it’s okay to not understand bitcoins and every form of social media because there are people with real jobs working in mines and grocery stores and a huge percentage of the developing/underdeveloped countries are already out of the picture of the advanced digital revolution.

A decent human being with no extra urge to consume media or fancy Internet life is maintaining —

  • Five social media accounts
  • Four writing/work applications
  • Two messaging apps
  • Two taxi booking apps
  • Seven food delivery apps
  • A dozen entertainment apps
  • Eight dating apps
  • Six payments apps
  • Three investment/tracking apps
  • Banking accounts
  • Reading hundreds of emails
  • War
  • Oil crises
  • Daily technological advancement
  • Jonny deep trial
  • Elon Musk tweets
  • Funny USA politicians clips

Then after you expect me to watch Bidgerton and Euphoria and keep up with the Kardashians. Have two eyes on bitcoin prices and Fashion trends. Maintain a relationship with family and friends. Have an amazing career.

Uggggg…… ( angry fumes are coming off my ear and flame off my eyes )

Staying relevant is not important but staying sane is.

And by the way what insane people want to f*** cartoon avatars anyways !

And if you dare to do that with me trust me I am not getting depressed or anything over the actions of some faceless inhuman digital man, but I shall sue you in the Meta courts and make your life a living hell in both Meta and the real world. And you better be ready to pay child support for a “cyber baby”.

I actually might not do any of that and probably will cry. But I aspire to have this attitude and so should others. (For your information as soon as some people tried to come close and started using profundities I ran away like a coward. )

It’s our duty to make the digital world safe and have such malefactors face consequences in both worlds.

And for this, we need a collective initiative and laws in place.

Thank you

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